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   I am glad you find the information on the blog helpful.  That is why I post on the blog.  We know when the weather changes the Termites and Carpenter Ants bcome more active.  Mice are active all year long now because of the mild weatherur post here.

Snow We do not miss it

The snow we are getting on this first day of March will not last long.  March 20th is the first day of Spring.  Love this mild winter

Mild Winter So Far

The winter is upon us now.  We have been fortunate with the temps so far this winter.  The Mouse Activity is greater than usual because of the mild weather.  We are staying busy treating for mouse problems.  It sure beats shoveling snow.

Winter is almost here

 The cold weather is fast approaching and winter starts on December 22nd.  The mice have enjoyed this mild weather so far and are looking for entry points in your home so they can spend the winter in a warm place.  Now is the time to stop further entry and get rid of the current population living in your house.  You never have only 1 mouse.  Call us now to schedule an appointment.

Storm Damage

The damage to all out trees from this storm is going to have a impact on the Carpenter Ant and Rodent population for the winter and the upcoming spring of 2012.  We are going to see a new influx of activity because of the tree damage.

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