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Fall and new problems

Mice are looking for Homes

 The first hard frost is upon us. The mice are looking for small openings to get into your home for the winter.  If you see any droppings, now is the time to stop the mice before they infest your home and  problems get out of hand.  Call Allied Pest Control Today.  We will exterminate the mice from your home.  We will trap and remove them. 

House Mouse Season

     Now is the time to stop the mice from getting into your home for the winter.  Try and block up the entry points before the snow comes.  We can get rid of the Mouse problem if they have already entered your home.   The Female Mouse cane have babies every 6 weeks.  They can bring in fleas along with all their germs.  CALL ALLIED PEST CONTROL REPAIR to stop them in their tracks.

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