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A Taste Of Spring

     The weather started out great on Monday & Tuesday this week 4/8/2013.  The Carpenter Ants know it is spring.  The Ants are waking up from being dormant all winter.  The eggs in the wall nests are starting to hatch.  Our phones were very busy with customers wanting us to get rid of the Carpenter Ants.  The season has begun.

Springtime Snow

It looks like we are going to get 2-6 inches of snow to welcome springtime this Wednesday morning.  The Carpenter Ants will be waking up from being dormant all winter.  If you have seen any Black Ants during the winter you have a ongoing problem.  The insects along with the birds know when spring is here.

Groundhog says early spring

  Let us hope the old Groundhog is right about a early spring.  The ice and snow get old really quick.. I like the long days when the sun goes down around 830 pm..  It just puts everyone into a better mood.  I look forward to all the insects waking up from the winter so we can get back to business as usual.  The Mice never sleep during the winter.  They are as active as can be.

February 2013

Well its February and the ground is not covered with snow in Hampden County.  We are still getting numerous calls regarding Mice entering homes.  Trying to control the problem on your own is very difficult.  Just missing a small opening near the foundation is enough for the mice to gain entrance.  Another winter with minimal snow cover and weather that is not too cold means the rodent population and Carpenter Ants will flourish again this year.

Happy New Year

The new year is here and the snow cover is more than we had all last winter.  The Mice are looking for or have found a new home.   They have babies every 6 weeks.  If you see one there is always more.  We are experts in Mouse Control & Extermination.  Call or e-mail us Now.

Mice are looking for Homes

 The first hard frost is upon us. The mice are looking for small openings to get into your home for the winter.  If you see any droppings, now is the time to stop the mice before they infest your home and  problems get out of hand.  Call Allied Pest Control Today.  We will exterminate the mice from your home.  We will trap and remove them. 

House Mouse Season

     Now is the time to stop the mice from getting into your home for the winter.  Try and block up the entry points before the snow comes.  We can get rid of the Mouse problem if they have already entered your home.   The Female Mouse cane have babies every 6 weeks.  They can bring in fleas along with all their germs.  CALL ALLIED PEST CONTROL REPAIR to stop them in their tracks.

Colder Evenings

   The evening temps are beginning to feel like fall is here already.  The Big E is opening this Friday the 14th.  That usually means a few days of rain.   All the Bees will start becoming  more aggressive since the nests are at full capacity for the year.  The Mice will start looking for a place to spend the winter months (Like in your home)  Call Allied Pest Control to stop these problems now. 

Summer is almost over

This is the time of year that the bee's are becoming very active.  The colonies are at capacity and their work is done for the year.  Yellowjackets are still looking for sweets.  All the young Bee's have emerged.  Watch out when cutting the grass.  The Yellowjackets love the ground nests.r thatst here.

Information Blog

   I am glad you find the information on the blog helpful.  That is why I post on the blog.  We know when the weather changes the Termites and Carpenter Ants bcome more active.  Mice are active all year long now because of the mild weatherur post here.

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