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Deer Mouse Looking For A Home They bring in fleas along with their droppings and urine spots while they move around.  Allied Pest Control can block openings that the mice use for access.
Mouse EAting Vegetables They leave germs on everything they touch.  Allied Pest Control Repair will do physical exclusion where possible and trap the existing mice.
Allied Pest Control For Rodents
Mice And Their Habits
Rodents enter your home looking for food and shelter.  All Mice can fit through a hole the size of a pencil.  They can compress their body to fit into very small areas.  The only thing that determines the entry is their skull which they cannot compress. They multiply very quickly,  introducing disease and bringing in Fleas.  Many homeowners have fleas in their home , but do not own any pets.  Mice in the home can contaminate many areas of your home with their urine and feces.  They gnaw on any paper, wood, cloth or plastic insulation on electrical wires and can pose a hazard or do serious damage.
What Type of Mice Do We Have
( The Deer Mouse ) has a white belly as the one in the photo on the left.  The ( House Mouse ) is all one color and can be grey with no white belly.  Deer Mice also known as Field Mouse do spend time on the outdoors.  The house mouse will nest in your house and never go back outside.  These mice are very prolific breeders.  They can have more than 10 litters each year.  They usually have a litter of 6 each time.  Gestation is only about 18 to 20 days.
Physical exclusion
One of the ways to stop mice from entering your home.
We use a type copper mesh to block up all points around the foundation and sill plate area of your home to deny entry to rodents.  This method is necessary to eliminate visible entry points.  We look for entry points that are around 1/4 inch or larger.  Mice are excellent climbers. We will set up snap traps with gel baits on their travel lanes.  We also use Locked Bait Boxes where the situation calls for such measures for Rodent Exterminating.  Many times during a Real Estate Inspection we find evidence of Rodents living in the basement.
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House Mouse Looking For A Meal From Allied Pest Control .  We have baits that the mice like.
Brown Field Mouse Looking For Food From Allied Pest Control.  We trap the mice.
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