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Earwigs feed on On Aphids
Earwigs Live In Mulched Flower Beds or Heavy Grass They move into homes overnight.  Allied Pest Control will treat the perimeter to stop this insect from entering your home.
Earwigs Feed On Aphids  They love deep vegetation.  Allied Pest Control's perimeter treatments will help.
Earwigs do not bite.  They look like they could cause physical harm.  The earwigs are like beetles with short wings.  They are fast moving insects around 1/2 inch  to 1 inch long.  The pincers at the tail end of their body are only used to hold their proposed mate.  They are brown in color.
Earwigs are active foragers at night.  During the day they hide under leaves, crevices, and in cracks around the perimeter of the house.They are scavengers looking for an easy meal.  They will feed on plants.  It is not uncommon for the Earwigs to infest a home.  Certain species can squirt a foul smelling liquid if crushed.  They probably use this for protection.  They usually enter a home by accident or following a food source like aphids, mites or scale insects.  They will be attracted to your food scraps if left out near your trash can etc.
Earwigs Do Not BiteThe rear pinchers are used only during mating.  Call Allied Pest ControlThe female lays about 50 eggs in a underground burrow.  When the eggs hatch in a week or so they young nymphs feed on the own egg case.  The nymphs are about 1/8 inch after the first week.  The female will care for them underground in the burrow during the first nymphal stage.
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