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Carpenter Ants fighting for food to bring back to the colony The only job they have is to feed the colony.  Allied Pest Control specializes in Carpenter Ant Service
Carpenter Ant in a different shade of color before being exterminated by Allied Pest Control Repair
Carpenter Ants are large and small.  The size range in a colony can be from 1/5 to 1/2 inch long.  the colors are from all black to dark brown and red and black.  The colony can contain up to 15,000 workers.They usually nest in moist wood or partially decayed wood.  They prefer to hollow out their nests in softened wood.  Their nests are called (galleries).  These galleries are clean and have a sandpaper appearance.  The wood they clean out to form these galleries is called frass.  In comparison,  Termite galleries are rough looking and contain a mud like material.  Wood that has been damaged by Carpenter Ants contains no mud like material, as in the case of Subterranean Termites.
Carpenter Ants may establish a number of nests in different locations.  It is important to understand that you can have a both inside and outside nest.  Carpenter  Ants construct two different kinds of nests:  parent colonies which, when mature(2 to 4 years) contain an egg-laying queen, a brood, 2,000 or more worker Carpenter Ants and satellite colonies, which have large numbers of worker Carpenter Ants , but no Queen, eggs or larvae.
For Example:  The Carpenter Ants found in your home may have originated from parent nests outdoors, perhaps in a tree stump, timber or woodpile.  They could also come from one or more satellite nests hidden behind a wall in the kitchen or bathroom which has a moisture source.  They could also come from water damage on the exterior of the home like a roof leak in the attic or siding around a window.  Although large Carpenter Ant colonies can cause structural damage, the damage found is not normally as serious as Termite Damage.
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Carpenter Ants Have Large Jaws to Hold their Prey and carry food back to the colony. Allied Pest Control Repair can stop this tracking back to the colony.
Carpenter Ants in Gallery/Home before being exterminated by Allied Pest Control
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