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Real Estate Termite Inspections Our Specialty
We are a Full Service Pest Control Company.
Residential Pest Protection Plans
(Live Pest Free)
  • Single Treatments or Special Plans to suit your budget for pest control/Extermination
  •  Level 1 plan: This  economical package offers the protection of Ant control and Rodent Extermination for 12 months.
  •  Level 2 plan: This package is our most valuable protection program and also the most popular.  This program will offer the protection of our Level 1 plan plus  Stinging Insect Control and General Invading Insects Extermination for 12 months
  • Below is a description of the services in our plans.  We will be happy to offer a customized plan for your personal property.  We also offer single services to suit your pest control problem and budget.
  •  Ant Control: (3) Applications per year. (1)  Interior will Include the basement/crawl space area and living areas(2)  Exterior /perimeter  services in the  Spring and Fall to the foundation area around the house and garage.
  •  Rodent Control: (2) Services per year.  (Spring and Fall) we will monitor problem areas and treat as needed for Mice /Rats. Areas that we will service are basements, garage, attics where needed, and other harborage areas. Physical Exclusion is done during the Rodent Control when possible.
  •  Stinging Insect Control: (3) Applications per season if needed.  We treat favorite nesting areas like deck rails, overhangs, shutters.The Stinging insects will include Bees, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, and Hornets.
  •  General Invading Insect Control: (3) Applications per year.  (1)  The Interior Basement/crawl area and (2) Exterior treatments to the foundation area for the prevention of structure invading insects.
  •  Carpenter Bees:  This is a separate type of service.
  • Termites:( Exterminating ) This is our specialty Service.  We offer a 5 year guarantee on our service done with Termidor Brand Termiticide. Premise Foam is used on some Termite Treatments in addition to Termidor.  Damage Repairs can be done at time of treatment. We have been repairing Termite Damage for more that 25 years. Substructure Home Repairs are done year round to make homes safe.  All the employees of Allied Pest Control are experienced qualified Carpenters.  Our work is second to none. We are State Licensed Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractors.  We have 2 State Licensed Construction Supervisors on staff.
If you are buying a home you will want a Licensed Termite Inspection by a experienced Termite Inspector with 20 years experience. During our Termite Inspection we also look for any wood destroying insects and conducive conditions that would attract Carpenter Ants, Powder Post Beetles, Carpenter Bees and Subterranean Termites.  We will give suggestions on how to keep your new home pest free.
  • Termite Inspections
  • Inspection Reports issued on site
  • Termite/Carpenter Ant Damage Repairs
  • Licensed and Insured Inspectors/Carpenters
  • Free Estimates
  • Senior Discounts
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One Call Does It All
Carpenter Ants infest homes.  They only live in wood.  They do not eat wood.  They will eat Allied Pest Controls bait.
Yellow Jackets nest in the ground or in a wall void. These will chase you and sting you.  Allied Pest Control can get rid of these for you.
Centipides love moisture in the home especially in the basement
Allied Pest Control can treat your basement.
Lady Bugs move into the house during late summer to overwinterBed Bugs only feed on blood.  They can live for months without a blood mealTermite workers are white. Their only job is to get food for the colony.  Allied Pest Control can control this problem.
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